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Guard Patrol (armed or unarmed/ marked or unmarked vehicles)

Executive Protection Executive protection services are designed to mitigate risk for individuals whose reputations, prominence, wealth, travel itineraries, or occupations require heightened personal security. Our executive protection services include:

  • Secure Travel Services That Provide Security Drivers, Vehicles, and Protective Personnel as Needed Anywhere in the World Through Our Own Staff or Carefully Vetted Partners. Traveler Tracking and Emergency Evacuations Are Also Available.
  • Close Protection as Needed at Home, at Work, or on the Road. Our Executive Protection Services Also Include Protective Surveillance and Covert Protection.
  • Residential Protection to Keep the Principal and Family Safe at Primary or Secondary Residences.
  • Consulting, Development, and Implementation of Corporate Executive Protection Programs, So Corporations Can Build, Turn Around, or Improve Their Own Dedicated EP Programs. We Work With Corporations in Many Ways, From Conducting Risk, Threat, and Vulnerability Assessments (RTVAs) to Program Design, Staffing, and Management.
  • Emergency Protection Services Are Available on Short Notice to Deal With Evacuations and Other Crisis Situations.
  • Armed or unarmed
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Traffic Control, Flaggers, etc. Certain job sites require advanced flagging operations and traffic control, which is often the case in towns and cities where traffic arrives in multiple directions or where traffic from multiple lanes converges. Due to the volume, speed, and complexity of traffic situations, multiple flaggers in close communication are required. Adequate signage and advances in traffic flow patterns help minimize traffic disruptions and keep construction crews safe while giving them the space and time to do their jobs. Advanced flagging operations include multiple lane closures, busy intersections, traffic circles, highway ramp and merging lane restrictions, and other situations where traffic volume, speed, and roadway complexity render roadwork dangerous.

Off-Duty Enforcement Our active duty armed and unarmed officers help secure businesses and events and fulfill private security needs.

Film and Production Protection Location and Production Managers rely on CJM Security Consultants to protect their stages, locations, parking, transportation, equipment, set pre-rigs, base camp, pre-parks, walkaways, generators, grip and electric, construction, greens, crew parking the list goes on and on. Location Managers and Production Managers often have location changes, call times pushed, and shooting extended. CJM Security Consultants understands the industry and is one of the most trusted Security Guard Vendors in the State of Georgia. Reliability, professionalism, and the ability to follow procedures are a must. Upon the arrival of the cast and crew, we create controlled access, keeping the public and competitors at bay. Our job isn't done until the final piece of equipment is packed.

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Construction sites Our guard services help construction companies protect valuable tools, equipment, and buildings. The primary mission at CJM Security Consultants is to function in the capacity of a strategic partner with our clients in order to provide an exceptional and professional level of construction security. What creates the distinction between CJM and other construction site security companies is our specialized expertise in the construction industry, as we provide individually tailored strategies based on the specific needs of our clients. We employ these strategies with precision and dedication to the security of the site.

Commercial Buildings ACCESS CONTROL: This option includes either physical security guards to monitor incoming and outgoing guests in the building or our Smart Patrol mobile security solutions, which have a wireless alarm sensor, GPS tracking, high-tech digital video, and alarm monitoring. In the event that property managers need CJM Security Consultants to focus on evicted tenants or property damage, our monitoring systems are equipped to make sure that tenants also are respectful of the property manager's building.

  • Hotels
  • Residential Communities
  • Patrol Services
  • Neighborhood Watch
  • Tactical Operations
  • Military Honor Guard Unit
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