CJM Security Testimonials


Your team has done a great job overall, and we are very grateful for the services. Sargent has been amazing, attentive, detailed, calm, and handling things very well.

(Executive Protection Client)

Your officer escorts were very prompt, courteous, very efficient, and very professional. I could not have picked a better service.

(Summit Contracting Group)

We are very, very pleased with CJM Security!

(JCE Games)

The team you sent us was great and very professional and courteous.


Thank you for all of your hard work in keeping our site secure. We appreciate everything you’ve done for us.

(Fairfield Development)

CJM Security [is] the real deal who take their job seriously.

(Reeves Young)

We haven’t had any issues since you all started monitoring the site for us.

(Zero Point Zero Production Inc.)

Your officers were a huge help and great to work with.